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It’s been a while but we’ve been so busy…

This blogs a little different to our usual style, however, after having such a great experience at the Blackpool Showcase last week, we wanted to share it with you!

We headed out on Tuesday first thing, very excited for our first business trip and being able to promote Ezygig to the many talented acts from all around the UK showcasing in Blackpool.

On arrival we walked into a lovely large Viva venue Blackpool. The atmosphere already buzzing, artists were doing their final sound checks, aware that the room was full of potential bookers, agents and venues, looking for acts for clubs, pubs, holiday parks, and the sought after cruise bookings.

Firstly the comperes….

Tuesday’s compere was the wonder Lee Lard… Looking very lean these days!!! Keeping the audience laughing and engaged at all times, with his witty one liners and natural comic flare.

Wednesday brought compere Carl Scofield to the stage, not an experienced compere but a comedian, who did get a few laughs in between the acts…

Thursday’s day time session brought the wonderful Lee Lard back to our stage whom was followed on by a surprise compere Shaun McGilloway in the evening, whom although witty was very professional and made sure all the acts had their say. Our favourite compere of the event!

Our main highlight acts from the Showcase although all were brilliant, were…

G (as in spot)…. a man of a thousand voices, brilliant comedy impressionist vocals… Very professional and extremely entertaining… naturally comic, very unique.

Another highlight for us was a very young band-  Unify- aged 12 to 16 and A-MAZING… doing chart songs and can do the classics too, harmonies and dance routines very energetic and talented – watch out for these guys, brilliant for their age!

Jody’s favourite act of the whole showcase was Danielle Grace Williams who admitted to Playing SAX for the first time on stage (WOULD NEVER HAVE KNOWN!!). She had beautiful class, amazing vocals. Creating a wonderful atmosphere in the room whilst on stage! Incredible talent. We think she will be continuing to leave the audience in awe with her class, beauty and talent in the New Year!

Timeless Illusionist section were mysterious and mesmerising, very clever with the choice of tricks they decided to showcase. Portrayed their act very well. First act of this kind at the showcase, bringing a different feel to the stage. Good backing tracks to add to the feel of the whole act.

Shelley Stevens classed herself as a Diva tribute she wowed us with her deep and powerful voice. Opening with Cher – Do you believe in life after love; lovely cover of the song, bringing in energy and positive vibes throughout. Ending on a terrific cover of this is my life.

Tribute Day Highlights….

Carabella, a pink tribute had the look and sound down to a T, added with the perfect attitude. She mixed these qualities all together along with an energetic personality and nailed the Pink Tribute!!

Boisterous were a Bruno Mars 24K Magic tribute, however with a trio of male singers, focusing on all Bruno Mars’s songs, great harmonies. Very well put together, good vocals and very professional.

The Gladys Knight tribute was a joy to behold for fans of motown and this era. She looked and sounded very much like Gladys Knight and gave a very professional polished performance.

Over all it was a great fun filled 3 days, with a fabulous outcome for us here at Ezygig. We had very positive feedback from the artists and agents that we met at the event and have had new sign ups from artists at the Showcase.

This is our first of many trips to events like this, and we are hopeful that Ezygig will become a main presence in showcases, and that venues, artists and agents will really support us and know that Ezygig is designed to help them!

A few photos of our reactions….



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Thousands of pubs left in lurch by government

Liberal democrats report that at least 4,500 pubs eligible for business rates relief are still waiting for payment, in many cases putting them into a situation where they may have to close… Why is this happening!?

There is a total of £4.54m in outstanding payments that are supposed to be going to pubs and they aren’t! It’s ridiculous.

Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced in March that pubs hit with higher business rates would receive £1000 annual discount. Yet six months on 4 in 10 councils throughout England haven’t distributed the relief… Councils are said to be putting this down to software problems, having no guidance from the government and lack of time! How can they not prioritize their time to save local businesses? Pubs are the centre of a lot of local communities. Why should they close through no fault of their own?

Liberal democrat leader Vince Cable states that the rushed scheme has had panic alarms going from the start. He claims that the solution to this is simple, instead of the £1,000 annual discount that many pubs don’t even seem to be getting the benefit of, why not cap business rate rises to 12.5%.

Alongside this, CAMRA warned that 21 pubs are closing each week in Britain. Here at Ezygig we continually see this statement, yet the numbers are always rising! Pubs shouldn’t be closing down through no fault of their own; the government need to do something about it!

We believe that pub owners have the right to feel let down by our government. The government should be providing support to councils. They should be making time to get the outstanding payments out to the pubs that are owed them! It’s pointless the chancellor announcing something that pub owners believed would help them, and not giving it.

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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Are pubs facing bigger threats than ever before? Are they more at risk of closing their doors for good?

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Let’s think back to 2007… During this year we saw many pubs hugely affected by the Smoking ban, in many cases closing pubs down… This devastation was only increased the following year with the financial crash of 2008, bringing nothing but misery to many businesses but, mostly to the Pub Trade.

We may think that these factors were the toughest for the Pub trade to face, however, experts are making dire predictions about the future of the British pub industry.

In recent years we’ve seen the number of pub closures stabilise, and not be as drastic as they once were with many pubs just being able to get back on their feet…. However, factors such as (yes it’s all you hear about) Brexit, increased business rates, inflation, changes in consumer demand and sterling deprecation are setting off all kinds of panic alarms in for Pubs across the U.K.

Without going into too much detail, these factors combined are the biggest threat Pubs have faced in years, and could be a huge risk for them and bring more closures. Things are set to look grim, we however, remain positive which in many cases a lot of landlords, rightfully so, are also doing!

How can the pub industry tackle all these issues at once and continue to trade? The solution is to increase sales, and to increase sales, they need more custom.

Today, people don’t just go online, they live online – and they are constantly searching online for all their needs. So what better way to connect with people than online! This is where; we at the Ezygig team come in again. Being an online, free advertising platform that pubs and entertainers can advertise their events on! We will be helping YOU to bring in more custom, generate more sales, keeping people positive and happy!

We don’t want to see any more good British Pubs close! Join our Facebook Community, Artists & Venues United where we invite experts from the industry to share their experiences and knowledge, helping tackle each problem as they come. It’s EZY! If you are any kind of Venue – Pub, Club, or Hotel, or maybe an Artist –  Band, Solo Artist, Magician, DJ or Quiz Master, any and all types of entertainment are easily promoted on EZYGIG and it’s Free – no catch and that’s guaranteed. So sign up now.





Proud to be Yorkshire

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Everyone has their favourite alcoholic beverage, but, the most popular phrase you hear in pubs around the U.K is “A pint please”. However, would the price of a pint stop you from buying one?

How much do you pay for a pint of beer? How much would you be willing to pay? Do you love the good old spoons deals? Or are you willing to splash the cash for your favourite pint?

Here at the Ezy Guides office in Yorkshire, we’re proud to say that Yorkshire beats competition across the UK by having the lowest average price for a pint! That’s right, here in Yorkshire the average price for a pint is £3.31.

You’re probably thinking London is the most expensive place in the United Kingdom to buy a pint… However, you’re wrong. A survey by the good pub guide 2018 has revealed that London’s’ average price for a pint is £4.20; yes you read it correct £4.20 for a pint! That’s almost an hour’s work on minimum wage, or you could get your lunch for cheaper…

Surrey on the other hand, tops all of our estimates and charges a whopping average of £4.40 for a pint!

Whilst we can all sit and say that’s a rip off! The problem isn’t just that we have to pay more for a pint… The decision to increase duty on beer has had a huge impact on pubs throughout the U.K. On average 21 pubs a week are closing down due to a number of factors that hold a significant burden over their licenses, forcing them with the only option to close.

We’re passionate about keeping the pub industry strong here at Ezy Guides, which is why the subject of 21 pubs closing a week is hard hitting for us, bringing entertainment and pubs together could help the situation.

Right now we have plenty of venues on our map throughout the U.K., mainly in Yorkshire, so why not head over to an event in the Yorkshire area and grab one of the cheapest pints in the U.K. It’ll feel good, we promise.


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Ezygig discusses what makes a good pub?

It’s been a while since our first post…. However, these last few weeks we’ve been busy redesigning our website as well as visiting pubs within our area to get them signed up, meaning more entertainment for you to find…

This weeks blog post will be focusing on “What makes a good pub?”

So why do we visit a pub? Looking at the graph above it’s clear to see that there are a variety of reasons why we end up at the pub in the first place, but what makes us want to stay there…

Here at Ezygig we want entertainment provided at the pub to be the reason you visit and stay at the pub that’s why we are the best online guide that provides information of all kinds of entertainment and where & when it’s happening.

But first, what do you think makes a pub worth staying in?

The top rated for why people go to the pub is to socialise on a weekend, in our opinion, this can only be made a better experience by providing entertainment on the days where pubs are busiest. We get that people want a “quiet few” down the pub, but having entertainment not only boosts the feel of the pub but brings more people to a pub in many cases.

As we have emphasised in our previous blog post, artists have no where to learn their trade as fewer pubs can afford to have entertainment on a regular basis. And when they can afford, many fail to promote it in the appropriate way and fail to bring in custom to the events. This is where “good pubs” fall, as they provide the entertainment that is needed, yet can’t promote it and reach more custom.

That’s of course where we come in, we promote it on our website for the public to easily access.

So in regards to what makes a good pub? You can have all the alcohol in the world, top star chefs, the best live entertainment. But it’s getting heard and out there and bringing custom, old & new to your pub, giving it the come back atmosphere.

Communication with your customers is key, and at Ezygig, we’re all about social media and online presence as means of communication.

What do you feel makes a good pub?

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Why Ezygig is important for you…

This is our very first blog; I do hope you enjoy reading it.

A lot of people have asked why it was decided to set up ezygig.co.uk.

I am sure you are aware Pubs and clubs are diminishing at an alarming rate. So much so that CAMRA have launched an initiative to protect 3,000 pubs from demolition or conversion to other uses – as new statistics released in November 2016 show 29 pubs a week are being lost across the UK.

Jose, our managing director and her entertainer friends see so many empty pubs and clubs, which could easily be filled with the right kind of promotion. This is where Ezygig comes in, not only to help the pubs, but to help the public find out what’s going on at the pubs and clubs in advance. Ezygig is therefore, helping all 3 groups, the landlords, the artists & the public with one source.

If we lose these venues, we will not only lose these great British traditions, but the whole country will also lose the opportunity for new talent to learn their trade, as only by performing regularly can entertainers develop their talents.

The main reason that not all the clubs and pubs are full is lack of promotion. It is very sad to say that a lot of these establishments have not embraced the internet and its promotion opportunities, with some not even available by email. With Ezygig we aim to bring them into the 21st century, by allowing them to promote using us directly. That way they’re engaging with their audience, through us and possibly getting in more custom. I feel this gives them the initiative to host more events, which is obviously great for all you lovers of live music, karaoke and the good old pub quizzes as you have more places to go. As an Artist, being on Ezygig helps you promote yourself to the venues. Allowing you to filter prices, distance and times basing it around your personal diary which venues can view and see when you’re available with links to book.

This really is a Great British Tragedy, the British love supporting local live music, singing on the karaoke with friends and competing in a pub quiz but with no way of finding out what’s on where they are or planning to be easily, they can’t searching for it.

Ezygig allows anyone to find events at multiple places on one site, easily initially with a map showing what’s in the next 14 days on near their geolocation or with a 3 way search:

Where – location, postcode, town etc
What – Band/ Artist name etc
When – By date

So, if you’re a landlord/manager of a venue that hosts events, get yourself signed up onto Ezygig for guaranteed continuous support from us at the Ezygig team and an increase in custom. Ezygig too, goes out to the Artists/entertainers like me, who need somewhere to practice their trade, but actually want to an audience to perform to… and finally to the members of the public wanting somewhere to socialise, have fun and enjoy themselves, the place to be will be promoting events via Ezygig, visit ezygig.co.uk for all the information!

Thanks for reading! Next weeks blog will be on “What makes a good pub?” and how we can support it.

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