Why Ezygig is important for you…

This is our very first blog; I do hope you enjoy reading it.

A lot of people have asked why it was decided to set up ezygig.co.uk.

I am sure you are aware Pubs and clubs are diminishing at an alarming rate. So much so that CAMRA have launched an initiative to protect 3,000 pubs from demolition or conversion to other uses – as new statistics released in November 2016 show 29 pubs a week are being lost across the UK.

Jose, our managing director and her entertainer friends see so many empty pubs and clubs, which could easily be filled with the right kind of promotion. This is where Ezygig comes in, not only to help the pubs, but to help the public find out what’s going on at the pubs and clubs in advance. Ezygig is therefore, helping all 3 groups, the landlords, the artists & the public with one source.

If we lose these venues, we will not only lose these great British traditions, but the whole country will also lose the opportunity for new talent to learn their trade, as only by performing regularly can entertainers develop their talents.

The main reason that not all the clubs and pubs are full is lack of promotion. It is very sad to say that a lot of these establishments have not embraced the internet and its promotion opportunities, with some not even available by email. With Ezygig we aim to bring them into the 21st century, by allowing them to promote using us directly. That way they’re engaging with their audience, through us and possibly getting in more custom. I feel this gives them the initiative to host more events, which is obviously great for all you lovers of live music, karaoke and the good old pub quizzes as you have more places to go. As an Artist, being on Ezygig helps you promote yourself to the venues. Allowing you to filter prices, distance and times basing it around your personal diary which venues can view and see when you’re available with links to book.

This really is a Great British Tragedy, the British love supporting local live music, singing on the karaoke with friends and competing in a pub quiz but with no way of finding out what’s on where they are or planning to be easily, they can’t searching for it.

Ezygig allows anyone to find events at multiple places on one site, easily initially with a map showing what’s in the next 14 days on near their geolocation or with a 3 way search:

Where – location, postcode, town etc
What – Band/ Artist name etc
When – By date

So, if you’re a landlord/manager of a venue that hosts events, get yourself signed up onto Ezygig for guaranteed continuous support from us at the Ezygig team and an increase in custom. Ezygig too, goes out to the Artists/entertainers like me, who need somewhere to practice their trade, but actually want to an audience to perform to… and finally to the members of the public wanting somewhere to socialise, have fun and enjoy themselves, the place to be will be promoting events via Ezygig, visit ezygig.co.uk for all the information!

Thanks for reading! Next weeks blog will be on “What makes a good pub?” and how we can support it.

Until next time,