Are pubs facing bigger threats than ever before? Are they more at risk of closing their doors for good?

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Let’s think back to 2007… During this year we saw many pubs hugely affected by the Smoking ban, in many cases closing pubs down… This devastation was only increased the following year with the financial crash of 2008, bringing nothing but misery to many businesses but, mostly to the Pub Trade.

We may think that these factors were the toughest for the Pub trade to face, however, experts are making dire predictions about the future of the British pub industry.

In recent years we’ve seen the number of pub closures stabilise, and not be as drastic as they once were with many pubs just being able to get back on their feet…. However, factors such as (yes it’s all you hear about) Brexit, increased business rates, inflation, changes in consumer demand and sterling deprecation are setting off all kinds of panic alarms in for Pubs across the U.K.

Without going into too much detail, these factors combined are the biggest threat Pubs have faced in years, and could be a huge risk for them and bring more closures. Things are set to look grim, we however, remain positive which in many cases a lot of landlords, rightfully so, are also doing!

How can the pub industry tackle all these issues at once and continue to trade? The solution is to increase sales, and to increase sales, they need more custom.

Today, people don’t just go online, they live online – and they are constantly searching online for all their needs. So what better way to connect with people than online! This is where; we at the Ezygig team come in again. Being an online, free advertising platform that pubs and entertainers can advertise their events on! We will be helping YOU to bring in more custom, generate more sales, keeping people positive and happy!

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Proud to be Yorkshire

Hello again,

Everyone has their favourite alcoholic beverage, but, the most popular phrase you hear in pubs around the U.K is “A pint please”. However, would the price of a pint stop you from buying one?

How much do you pay for a pint of beer? How much would you be willing to pay? Do you love the good old spoons deals? Or are you willing to splash the cash for your favourite pint?

Here at the Ezy Guides office in Yorkshire, we’re proud to say that Yorkshire beats competition across the UK by having the lowest average price for a pint! That’s right, here in Yorkshire the average price for a pint is £3.31.

You’re probably thinking London is the most expensive place in the United Kingdom to buy a pint… However, you’re wrong. A survey by the good pub guide 2018 has revealed that London’s’ average price for a pint is £4.20; yes you read it correct £4.20 for a pint! That’s almost an hour’s work on minimum wage, or you could get your lunch for cheaper…

Surrey on the other hand, tops all of our estimates and charges a whopping average of £4.40 for a pint!

Whilst we can all sit and say that’s a rip off! The problem isn’t just that we have to pay more for a pint… The decision to increase duty on beer has had a huge impact on pubs throughout the U.K. On average 21 pubs a week are closing down due to a number of factors that hold a significant burden over their licenses, forcing them with the only option to close.

We’re passionate about keeping the pub industry strong here at Ezy Guides, which is why the subject of 21 pubs closing a week is hard hitting for us, bringing entertainment and pubs together could help the situation.

Right now we have plenty of venues on our map throughout the U.K., mainly in Yorkshire, so why not head over to an event in the Yorkshire area and grab one of the cheapest pints in the U.K. It’ll feel good, we promise.


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