Thousands of pubs left in lurch by government

Liberal democrats report that at least 4,500 pubs eligible for business rates relief are still waiting for payment, in many cases putting them into a situation where they may have to close… Why is this happening!?

There is a total of £4.54m in outstanding payments that are supposed to be going to pubs and they aren’t! It’s ridiculous.

Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced in March that pubs hit with higher business rates would receive £1000 annual discount. Yet six months on 4 in 10 councils throughout England haven’t distributed the relief… Councils are said to be putting this down to software problems, having no guidance from the government and lack of time! How can they not prioritize their time to save local businesses? Pubs are the centre of a lot of local communities. Why should they close through no fault of their own?

Liberal democrat leader Vince Cable states that the rushed scheme has had panic alarms going from the start. He claims that the solution to this is simple, instead of the £1,000 annual discount that many pubs don’t even seem to be getting the benefit of, why not cap business rate rises to 12.5%.

Alongside this, CAMRA warned that 21 pubs are closing each week in Britain. Here at Ezygig we continually see this statement, yet the numbers are always rising! Pubs shouldn’t be closing down through no fault of their own; the government need to do something about it!

We believe that pub owners have the right to feel let down by our government. The government should be providing support to councils. They should be making time to get the outstanding payments out to the pubs that are owed them! It’s pointless the chancellor announcing something that pub owners believed would help them, and not giving it.

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